British Values

British Values - democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for (and tolerance of) those with different faiths and beliefs - have been embedded in EYFS since its inception over 10years ago. However since November 2014, childcare providers have to, by law, demonstrate how they 'actively promote' these essential standards during their Ofsted inspections. This obligation goes hand-in-hand with the legislation introduced in July 2015, which places additional responsibility on early years providers to prevent children from becoming radicalised.

This is how we embed British Values into The Railway Children Nurseries


We provide activities that involve turn taking, sharing, and collaboration. These include singing, physical play inside and outside, circle time games and key worker group time where we encourage active listening and turn taking.

Rule of Law

We teach children to understand their own and other's behaviour and its consequences, helping them to distinguish right from wrong.

We work with the children to create rules and codes of behaviour, these are reinforced at key group time, all children are taught that these rules apply to everyone.

Individual Liberty

We provide opportunities for children to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and increase their confidence in their own abilities.

We allow children to take risks in our nursery, in particular, playing with the loose parts outside.

We explore a range of experiences that allow children to explore the language of feelings and responsibility. They reflect on differences, discussing them, allowing them to understand that everyone is free to have different ideas.

Mutual respect and tolerance

Within our nursery, we promote diverse attitudes and challenge stereotypes. We do this by sharing stories that reflect the diversity of our local community and country, we provide diverse activities and resources that challenge stereotypes such as dressing up, role play, pictures, books, and games, we promote diverse attitudes and challenge stereotypes and we create an ethos of inclusivity at our setting where all beliefs, faiths, cultures, and races are valued. We encourage our children to engage with the wider community and we are in the process of setting up a link with a local nursing home. We share and discuss practices, celebrations, festivals, and experiences through cooking, singing and activities.


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